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20 hours work and 8 lakh income, like this woman, you too can earn this much money sitting at home
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20 hours work and 8 lakh income, like this woman, you too can earn this much money sitting at home

Everyone wants to earn good money in life. Everyone wants their job hours to work, but the income is more than the limit. Earlier this was probably not possible, but today it is possible. There are many people all over the world who earn lakhs of rupees a month by working just a few hours. Today we are going to tell you the story of one such girl from America, who works only 20 hours in a week and earns 8 lakh rupees a month. The biggest thing is that if you are living in a country like India, then you too can make a lot of money by working for a few hours like this girl.

who is this girl

According to the report of New York Post, the name of this girl is Maddie Coleman. Maddie lives in Georgia, USA. His education and entire childhood was spent in this city. This is the reason why he never tried to go out and find work. For this reason, Maddy chose a profession in which only a few hours have to be given and she easily earns more than the salary she gets in a good job. Maddy earns about 96 lakh rupees annually from this profession very comfortably.

what kind of work does maddy do

News Reels

Maddie told the New York Post that she is a content creator and she writes content related to brands. Maddy said that this is completely different from the work of influencers who promote any product from their social media pages. Actually, Maddy’s job is to write great content for big brands for their products, so that the audience gets attracted towards their products. Brands share this content on their social media handles. The biggest thing is that it is not necessary for this to work that you have millions of followers like other social media influencers or you have studied a lot. Maddy does this work in the form of video content, although there is a lot of scope for writing content as well.

Earned so much money in the first month

When Maddy started doing this work, he had no experience of it. However, there was creativity inside him, due to which his work went on. He first made some sample marketing videos and shared them on Tiktok and Twitter. After this he started getting clients and he earned Rs 4 lakh in the first month itself. The length of the videos Maddy makes is 15 to 30 seconds and she charges at least 21 thousand rupees for a video.

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