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3 reasons why you should buy a 5G phone 3 reasons why your 4G phone is the best
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3 reasons why you should buy a 5G phone 3 reasons why your 4G phone is the best

5G Smartphones: Jio and Airtel have started 5G network services in India. These services are either undergoing open trials or have been fully rolled out in select cities. More widespread coverage of 5G is expected in the coming months. Since the advent of 5G, many users are thinking of buying a 5G smartphone as their next smartphone. Apart from this, there are many 4G smartphones right now, which are providing a good experience at a low price. Even though these devices have older chipsets but still these 4G devices can provide a value-for-money experience for many people.

If you are also confused in choosing between 4G and 5G smartphone, then here we are telling you some reasons to choose both which can help you in making the right decision.

Why should you keep using a 4G phone?

Coverage: 5G network is currently available for only a few areas in India. While more cities are expected to get 5G coverage in the next year or two, this is something you should think about before spending five digits on a new phone. Before buying a 5G phone, make sure you actually have access to 5G in your area of ​​residence, work, etc.

worth: 5G phones are generally more expensive, but if you look at the Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 segment, here you can still find both 4G and 5G phones. If you don’t have the coverage and budget for 5G plans then spending more money on 5G phone or 5G network for that device is not a good option. Simply put, if it is not in your budget to afford a 5G data plan in the coming times, then you should avoid taking a 5G phone.

performanceIn the lower-end segment, you can get much better performance from a 4G phone than a 5G phone at the same price. As such, 4G phones can be more powerful devices. For example, take the Poco X3 Pro, an older 4G phone under Rs 20,000, it comes with Snapdragon 860, which is a much more powerful chipset than the newer 5G chips. If you need a fast performance phone more than 5G connectivity, then you should keep using 4G devices for now.

Reasons to buy a 5G phone

Future ready: 5G smartphones are the more secure devices of the future, not only because they support 5G networks, but the industry is switching to 5G networks and chipsets. Just like we switched from Micro-USB port to USB Type-C port.

upper segment : If you are spending more than Rs 20,000 on a smartphone, then going for a 5G smartphone is not a bad option. This is because if you buy a 4G smartphone with this price, you will probably be using that phone for about three years. After this, 5G will have started in many areas. For example, a 4G phone like the iPhone 11 might seem like a great option when it’s on sale for close to Rs 30,000, but keep in mind that such a 4G divide won’t get many software updates, and will never support 5G, Even if you do not move to the 5G area later.

High Speed ​​Internet: If you want fast mobile data for work or other purposes, and are ready to spend money for it, then 5G smartphone can prove to be the best option for you. Even though some areas of India do not have good 5G speed yet, they will still work faster than 4G speed and with time 5G speed will be available in other areas as well. Moreover, with 5G, you can travel in areas with better 5G coverage in the future, whether in India or abroad. With a 5G phone, you can enjoy high-speed internet.

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