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Aadhaar Card: It has become easy for NRIs to get Aadhaar card, know step by step process
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Aadhaar Card: It has become easy for NRIs to get Aadhaar card, know step by step process

Aadhaar Card News: Aadhaar card is an important document for the citizens of India, which is used for opening bank accounts and availing benefits of government schemes. Aadhaar card has a 12 digit digital identity number, which is issued by UIDAI. An Aadhaar card contains biometric details, name, mobile number, photo, address and other information of the citizen.

Aadhaar card can be made for the country’s newborn (Aadhaar Card for Newborn) to the elderly. Apart from this, Aadhaar card can also be made for NRIs (NRIs Aadhaar Card). Children of NRIs are also eligible to get Aadhaar card, under the FAQ section on the UIDAI website.

Where can Aadhaar card be made by NRI?
Any NRI can apply for Aadhaar from any Aadhaar Seva Kendra in India and can get Aadhaar card made by giving his complete details. Along with this, he can also update in Aadhaar card using online facilities. However, he should have a valid passport. On the other hand, if the spouse is an NRI, then it is mandatory to have an Indian passport as a document to get his/her passport made.

According to the UIDAI website, an NRI can apply for Aadhaar through the UIDAI’s self-service portal and by visiting the enrollment centers set up by the authority to apply offline for Aadhaar card, both online and offline.

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How to apply for NRI Aadhaar
NRIs need to visit the official website of UIDAI to find the nearest enrollment centers. After this, now the person can go to any Aadhaar center. Now enter the details in the enrollment form as per valid Indian passport, it is mandatory for NRIs to provide their email id.

According to the official website of UIDAI, other documents, if available, can also be used for the purpose. The list of these documents is available on the UIDAI website.

After this, the officials of the enrollment center will take the biometric details through fingerprint and iris scan. These details should be checked and verified by the operator before the form is submitted. The Enrollment Slip given by the officer will have 14 digit Enrollment ID with date and time stamp. This can be used to check the status of the application.

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