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​ABP Network launches health-related platform Health LIVE, stay alert about your health
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​ABP Network launches health-related platform Health LIVE, stay alert about your health

ABP Network has brought for you such a platform where you will get every news related to your health. Whether it is a matter of everyday life or a serious illness.. How to protect you.. Doctors will tell you everything.. ABP Network has launched Health LIVE – which you can watch on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can follow/subscribe. On this platform, you will get health related news, answers to your questions from doctors, fitness and things related to improving your everyday life. So what is the delay now, quickly pick up your mobile and follow Health Live…

The Facebook address is- ​ABPLiveHealth

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How to recognize symptoms before illness
Life and health are the blessings given by God. It is the responsibility of all of us to take care of it. To stay physically and mentally healthy, it is very important to do exercise and yoga every day. Apart from this, good food and better lifestyle are also necessary to stay healthy. It is often seen that any disease starts giving you small signs. Because of which it is not detected at the right time, you fall in the grip of serious illness. In such a situation, it is important that you identify the symptoms of the disease at the very beginning and start your treatment on time. Looking at all these things, ABP Network has launched Health LIVE. Through this YouTube channel, you will get all the information related to health from recognizing the early signs of diseases. So that you yourself stay healthy and at the same time you can play your part in helping to build a healthy society by helping your family and people around you stay healthy.

Health experts will give mantra to stay healthy
Many times, despite having the right diet and regular lifestyle, we still fall prey to diseases. Sometimes these diseases also take a serious form. What should you do in such a situation, what should be done as a home remedy, when to consult a doctor. You will get all these information through Health LIVE. On this platform, you will come face to face with big health experts, who will give you special tips to live a healthy life.

Medical research information will be available
Many different diseases, infections are spreading all over the world. Regarding which the World Health Organization (WHO), The Lancet etc. keep publishing their reports. What’s in this research? How you can understand them in easy language, you will also get this information through Health LIVE. To know all these information, subscribe to our YouTube channel Health Live. Also follow Health Live’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Check out below Health Tools-
Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Calculate The Age Through Age Calculator

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