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Advantages of four year course are more disadvantages less, this course will give better future to the students
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Advantages of four year course are more disadvantages less, this course will give better future to the students

UGC has recently announced to implement the new course on NEP 2020 pattern. Due to this, course structures are being developed in colleges and universities. Just as every coin has two sides, similarly everything has advantages and disadvantages. From the point of view of different experts, the advantages and disadvantages of this course are also different. After independence, the pattern of British era education was visible from primary to university level. But the recent government has implemented the National Education Policy 2020 by changing it to make the course light, good and job oriented. Whose preparation is going on in the universities. Experts see the changed policies from their own perspective. The Vice-Chancellor of Mangalayatan University, Jabalpur sees more advantages and less disadvantages in this. Let’s know their opinion…..

Vice-Chancellor of Mangalayatan University, Jabalpur Lt. Gen. (Dr.) A.K. Mishra says that the new education policy being implemented in the country has brought a better future for the students. In this one course, students are getting many options and it has never happened that if you do one course, you can get certificate, diploma, degree and research in your own way, year wise. But in this undergraduate course, you can choose certificate, diploma, degree and research according to time. Dr. Mishra explains that if a student is short of time or money, he can get a certificate by doing a course of one year. But in the earlier education system, if a student sits at home after one year, then his hard work, time and money all went waste. But in this system, in any year you leave the course, you will get one or the other certificate.

Lt. Gen. (Dr.) A.K. Mishra
Manglayatan University, Jabalpur)

Saving time and money
Lt. Gen. (Dr.) A.K. Mishra said that it is icing on the cake for the students going in the academic field. Because for research work, the student had to do a two-year post-graduate course. After that he has to give four to five years for research work. But after doing four years course, he can apply directly for research. In this way both time and money are saved. In the last year of this course, there is a provision to keep the subject from research point of view. Therefore, students will get a lot of benefit of time and money in this.

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