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After years of hard work, Corona has thrown water like this, problems are standing in front of UN Women in a new form

After years of hard work, Corona has thrown water like this, problems are standing in front of UN Women in a new form

Women Equality: UN Women was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in the year 20210 with the aim of making the status of women all over the world better and stronger. Along with improving the status of women, the objective of this unit is to bring gender equality across the world. So that women facing discrimination on different fronts can get equal rights and opportunities as men (gender equality). The member countries of the United Nations took strict steps in this direction after the establishment of UN Women and we are now seeing their positive results. But the corona epidemic has caused huge damage to these efforts.

Gender equality and the status of women

After the establishment of UN Women, the kind of steps that have been taken for the betterment of women, their results are also coming to the fore. According to a UN report released on changes over a decade on gender equality, more girls are now going to school than before. In respectable institutions like Parliament and Courts, the appointments of women are now being done more than before. However, more work is yet to be done in this direction. Because the participation of women in these institutions is still very less as compared to men.

The cases of early marriage have also come down significantly in the last decade. However, despite all these good reforms, some major challenges remain in the lives of women. For example, sexual violence. In a report released by the UN, it has been acknowledged that even today, 1 out of every 5 women is a victim of sexual violence. In most cases, the victim women are between 15 and 49 years of age and the perpetrator is someone who is a close relative or close relative of the woman.

Corona’s impact on the condition of women

Along with the investigation, improvement and change of the situation of the last decade, the report released by the UN on the condition of women also reveals that the impact of the Corona epidemic has been done for the last decade to improve the condition of women. All efforts can be severely damaged. Because after Corona, many changes are being seen in the economic condition, family status and social status. In such a situation, the compulsion of women to do unpaid duty has increased.

For example, if the families facing financial constraints have to leave the education of a child, then people will first stop the daughter’s going to school, such cases are also being seen. Women will have to sacrifice their work and do such work for which they will not be paid, if the health of the elderly in the house and family is bad or there is any kind of problem. Not only this, due to Corona, there has also been an increase in the cases of physical violence against women and girls. Which is a matter of concern. There has also been an increase in physical violence against women during and after the lockdown at the time of Corona. However, UN Women is engaged in efforts to improve all these situations.

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