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Are people with diabetes more likely to get osteoporosis or bone fractures?
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Are people with diabetes more likely to get osteoporosis or bone fractures?

Why Does Diabetes Cause Osteoporosis: Diabetes, which we call sugar in common language, is such a disease that acts like a disease, once it happens to someone, it is impossible to cure it. Apart from this, it affects many organs. Its biggest effect is on the kidney, heart and brain, but do you know that bones are also affected a lot by this. Perhaps you cannot imagine that a diabetic patient has an increased risk of bone fracture. this we osteoporosis know by the name of It affects the joints the most, let’s know about it

In fact, people with uncontrolled long-term diabetes have poor quality bones that break easily. Second, they have less muscle mass which indirectly affects their bone strength and also increases their risk of falls and fractures. Elderly people with diabetes often have eye problems or nervous system problems, which puts them at a higher risk of falls and fractures. In fact, collagen is responsible for strengthening bones, and normal bumps are caused by collagen. Our bones are meant to break when we fall or get hurt, but when the amount of sugar in the body increases, the collagen gets affected and the bones become weak.

People with type 1 diabetes are at risk of osteoporosis

People who have type 1 diabetes are at a higher risk of having weak bones. Due to weakening of bones, bones break only due to minor injury or collision, most of the cases have been seen in those people who have been affected by diabetes for a long time and are using insulin continuously. Let us tell you that most of the type one diabetes Occurs at an early age when the bones are developing, in such a situation, due to increased blood sugar, the bones do not get strengthened properly.

How can people with diabetes reduce their risk of fractures?

  • People who have diabetes for more than 10 years should get their bone density checked at the age of 50. Your doctor will decide on the test report whether you need the claim or not. It is also recommended for people under 50 years of age to get their BMD checked regularly whether they have diabetes or not.
  • If you keep sugar under control, it protects your bones and other organs as well.
  • Take calcium in sufficient quantity, dairy products are the biggest source of calcium. If you are allergic to dairy products, you should use supplements instead
  • It is very important to have Vitamin D. For this, you bask in the sun in winter. In summer, if you find it difficult to get sunlight, then include vitamin D fortified milk products or supplements in your diet.
  • Quitting smoking and controlling the consumption of alcohol helps in keeping our bones healthy.
  • All types of exercises help in strengthening our muscles and bones but weight lifting exercises are most effective.
  • Medication is very important, if your doctor feels that you need bone medicine even if you do not have any symptoms, please follow the doctor’s instructions.

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