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Before buying sweets on Diwali, know the identity of fake and adulterated sweets

Before buying sweets on Diwali, know the identity of fake and adulterated sweets

Types Of Food Adulteration: The market of adulteration flourishes on the festival. In the market, you will find the most adulteration in food items. The market of adulterated mawa and adulterated sweets also gets ready on Diwali. On Diwali, people buy sweets and also give sweets to each other’s house. Although due to adulteration, nowadays people have started giving gift hampers of chocolates, dry fruits or namkeen and cookies instead of sweets, but sweets have to be brought in the house for worship and for the visiting guests. In such a situation, before buying sweets, you should know how real and fake sweets can be identified.

These things are the most adulterated

Nothing is added directly to the sweet, but milk, mawa, silver work, sugar or oil used while making it is adulterated. Like aluminum is mixed in silver work. Urea/colour/washing powder is mixed in milk. Fat is mixed in ghee. Arrowroot, sugar are mixed in mawa.

How to know if sweet is adulterated or pure

1- A lot of color is mixed in sweets. So avoid buying colorful sweets. Check the colored sweets by taking them in hand. If there is no color in hand, then there is no adulteration of color.
2- Most adulteration is done in Mawa. To detect it, put 2 drops of iodine on the filter. If the color turns black then it is adulterated.
3- If the khoya is very grainy, then some kind of adulteration has been done in it. Pure khoya is very smooth.
4- Adulteration is done in the silver work on the sweets. You check the work by burning it. On burning the original work will become like a small bullet and the fake work will look like burnt paper of gray color.
5- Taste before buying sweets. This will reveal stale and fresh. If the sweet is a bit hard and dry then it may be old.
6- If you are buying saffron sweets, then check them by putting them in water. If the color is coming out, then understand that the color has not been mixed with saffron. If the color is not coming out, then it is real saffron.
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