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Bigg Boss 16: Shaleen fumes after fight with Archana, creates havoc in the house
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Bigg Boss 16: Shaleen fumes after fight with Archana, creates havoc in the house

Bigg Boss 16: In Bigg Boss season 16, Archana has had fights with everyone. He also had many fights with Shaleen. In the December 28 episode too, what started as a verbal spat between Archana and Shaleen turns into a fierce fight. Shaleen gets angry and starts talking about leaving the show.

Fight started over vegetables
Actually Archana is cooking in the kitchen. When Shaleen comes to take the food, Archana tells him that he will take a little less vegetable, there are other people too, after that Shaleen says that I do not take it at all and then he puts the whole vegetable back. After this Archana says that now she will know that she had given me so many vegetables yesterday. After this Priyanka starts shouting and says that the rude girl does not feel like eating food from her hand. After this again there is a fight between Priyanka and Archana. Priyanka says that the one who curses others, you will get all the curses.

Furious Furious
Shaleen also starts shouting why he is kept in the kitchen. He is so rude. Shaleen says after this that I want bread of respect. Shalin tells Archana that you are a dirty woman. After this Archana says that your wife is decent, of two pennies. After this, Shaleen angrily throws the chair and comes out and says that Bigg Boss calls me in the confession room, I don’t want to do it now, I have to talk now. I tolerate a lot. I am not here with respect, I do not want to stay here. After this, they also throw away the benches in the decent garden area. There Sajid comes and asks Shaleen what happened. After this Shaleen cries and says that the woman is talking dirty about my mother and wife. After this, Shaleen says that Sajid Bhaiya should not live in such filth. Shaleen keeps on crying and says that I do not want to stay here. Shaleen says will I win by doing all this.

Shaleen said this is not a good show
Shaleen keeps crying and says that I will do something wrong, then Salman sir will tell me. After this, Shaleen says that I will live a life of respect. I am just dying to be here. Shaleen angrily says that Bigg Boss should call me. My world is very good. I can’t live like this. I will earn by acting. Tina tries to pacify Shaleen. Shalin again says that they cannot live like this now, whereas Tina says that she came even after holding Shiv’s throat. Shaleen then cries and says that you people have to show this on Colors. They keep on sticking to being polite. At the same time, Shaleen says while crying that she is calling my mother dirty. I will earn by working 15 hours. This is not a good show.

Shaleen calms down on Vikas and Tina’s persuasion
Later, Vikas and Tina explain to Shaleen. Vikas tells Shaleen that he has spoken so bad for me too. After a lot of persuasion, Shaleen calms down a bit. However, even after that, they keep talking about Archana. They say that if I show my wild side, she will have attacks 36 times a day and will fall ill.

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