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Bitcoin: The crypto market is 'dangerous', can bitcoin reach $10,000?  Know what is the reason

Bitcoin: The crypto market is ‘dangerous’, can bitcoin reach $10,000? Know what is the reason

Mark Mobius Crypto Market See Bitcoin: If you invest in Bitcoin, or are planning to invest, then you must read this news. According to media reports, a decline in the crypto market is being predicted. Mark Mobius, cofounder of Mobius Capital Partners LLP, has expressed his opinion regarding this. He says that his next target for Bitcoin is $10,000.

bitcoin is very dangerous

According to Mark Mobius, one of the world’s leading fund managers, he said that he will never invest his cash or any client money in Digital Assets, as it is very dangerous. He said that the existence of crypto will continue, because many investors still have faith in it.

Bankrupt FTX Exchange

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Mobius has spent more than 3 decades at Franklin Templeton Investments. Mobius said that, despite the collapse of FTX, it is good for bitcoin prices to remain stable. Sam Bankman-Freud’s FTX Exchange has gone bankrupt and the future of Alameda Research, the trading house associated with it, is also in limbo. It is a matter of concern that the same situation is likely to happen with other cryptocurrencies.

bitcoin price fell

Business started with a big decline in the cryptocurrency market today. The market has registered a decline of more than 2 percent in the last 2 days. Its market cap has come down to $852 billion. Therefore, its market cap is below 1 trillion dollars. Today in the global market, the price of bitcoin has registered a decline of more than 2 percent. It has come at the rate of $16,129.

expected to hit the $10,000 level

Crypto experts are predicting bitcoin to reach the level of $ 10,000, at which level it was in 2020. In November last year, this record had reached the level of $ 69,000. Outstanding bitcoin put contracts are at a strike price of $10,000 for expiry at the end of December. Bets on options are showing that derivatives investors feel that bitcoin can reach this level.

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