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Can a paste made of kiwi, cucumber and baking soda really make teeth shine like pearls?
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Can a paste made of kiwi, cucumber and baking soda really make teeth shine like pearls?

Teeth Whitening Hack: Everyone likes teeth shining with pearls, because it is an important part of a person’s personality. This is such a part of the face on which people’s eyes fall first, but if these teeth start to look yellow, then it also becomes a cause of shame. Many people resort to expensive treatments to whiten their teeth. .But do you know that teeth can also be cleaned easily with home remedies. Now you must be thinking that we are telling the same recipe with grated baking soda to clean the teeth, so it is not so. Actually this This time we are telling you the recipe tested by content creator Armen Adamjan. According to him, you should use kiwi, cucumber and baking soda together to remove bad bacteria from your mouth and whiten your teeth. Armen Adamjan has also shared a video related to this.

According to content creator Armen Adamjan Mixing three ingredients i.e. kiwi, cucumber and baking soda in a blender, prepare a paste and brush with it. This is a very cheap and natural way to clean teeth.Kiwis are rich in calcium, and cucumber helps get rid of bacteria in your mouth, and baking soda helps remove stains. When a combination of these three is made, it becomes a very powerful recipe. He says that when you have a natural way to clean your teeth, then what is the need to spend money. He also told those who watched the video on Instagram That he should brush his teeth twice a week with this paste and then see how its magic happens.

Know what the doctors said

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On the other hand, when the doctor reached to know the truth of this claim, according to him, this hack is effective to some extent, because kiwi is a great source of vitamin C which can help in removing stains in the mouth, while cucumber is a great antioxidant. Which improves the cleaning action of teeth. “Not to forget baking soda, which is an alkaline compound. It also helps in maintaining the pH of the mouth.On the other hand, other doctors say that baking soda freshens the breath and has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, which increases the pH level of saliva and does not allow bacteria to grow.

clean teeth with hydrogen peroxide

According to other doctors, instead of relying on home remedies, it is best to rely on hydrogen peroxide, which is a tried and tested method of removing stains and deposits.” Because the rest of the combination will only help clean the mouth. May but not actually be responsible for whitening the teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is needed for teeth whitening, it helps to break down the stains and deposits on the teeth.

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