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Can someone else use your Wifi?  If you see these 4 problems, be careful immediately.
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Can someone else use your Wifi? If you see these 4 problems, be careful immediately.

Wifi Tricks For Users: Does it happen to you also that despite there being no problem in WiFi, the speed comes slow or WiFi starts causing problems? In such a situation, you will also have to face a lot of trouble. Not only this, many times some people also change the service and spend a lot of money for the new service, but have you ever thought why this problem arises? If you are also facing this problem, then today we are going to tell you about its reason and how to fix this problem.

network strength

If the network strength of your WiFi has decreased, then it is possible that someone has hacked your WiFi. In this case, the first thing you have to do is reset your WiFi, and make your password very strong.

signal fluctuations

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If the problem of signal fluctuation is continuously coming with your WiFi, then it is possible that your WiFi has been hacked. It is common to have signal fluctuations, but if it is persistent, you should immediately reset your WiFi password.

dead wifi signal

If your WiFi signal is completely dead, then there is a high possibility that your WiFi has been hacked. If the customer care is also not able to fix this problem, then you should first turn off the power of your WiFi. After that you reset it and change the password.

wifi power off

If your WiFi is turning off again and again, and you do not know the exact reason for this happening, then it may be that your WiFi has been hacked. You should contact customer care in case of this problem.

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