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Chanakya Niti: When the servant of the house starts behaving like this, then be careful
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Chanakya Niti: When the servant of the house starts behaving like this, then be careful

Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya told man to be careful of those four people in his life whom he has to meet everyday. If they are not identified in time, then they can get trapped in big trouble. Let’s know who are those four people.

Pdushtabharya Shatham Mitra Bhrtyashcottardayah.

There is no doubt about the death of the house.

In this verse, Chanakya has told that living with a wicked wife, a cunning friend, a rascal servant and a snake is like inviting death.

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wicked wife According to Chanakya, when the wife started thinking about other men. If she starts cheating and betraying her husband, then the company of such a woman is like suffering in hell. Chanakya says that it is good to leave such a wife. According to Acharya Chanakya, after the destruction of wealth, the wife should be tested. It is better to live alone than living with a wife who leaves her husband in financial crisis because she only wants money and not family.

treacherous servant Chanakya believed that when the servants started disobeying your orders, you should be careful about cheating. Such servants can betray the master anytime due to which there can be a storm in your life. Chanakya says that if you want to test the servant, then identify him on the economic aspect. Keep an eye on him when he goes out for household chores. Is he losing money somewhere?

false friend A true friend is known only in times of crisis. The one who leaves your side in difficult times cannot be a true friend. It is better to stay away from false and clever friends. Be careful with them.

Snake – To stay where snakes live is to invite death. Such a place is not free from danger because snakes are deadly and can strike at any time.

Chanakya Niti: If the head of the house has these 3 habits, then no one can spoil the hair of the family

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