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'Corona' is back!  If this negligence is done then you will have to face serious consequences.
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‘Corona’ is back! If this negligence is done then you will have to face serious consequences.

Coronavirus: Corona epidemic has started wreaking havoc all over the world. Many countries including China and America have once again come under the grip of this terrible disease. Concern about this has increased in India as well. Although the situation here is stable at the moment, there is a need to take serious precautions. Because even one mistake can be heavy at this time. Omicron’s BF.7 and XBB.1.5 variants are a cause of concern these days. In such a situation, the Government of India and the doctors are also advising the citizens to take booster dose of Corona. The booster dose was designed to cover the antibodies. It is necessary to take this because the antibodies start decreasing after three months, especially in those people who were vaccinated 6 months ago. After the lapse of 6 months the level of antibodies decreases.

According to the Times report, Dr. Arunesh Kumar at Paras Hospitals in Gurugram says that it is necessary to take another dose of corona vaccine, as it works to increase your immunity. If the immunity is good, then the body will be helped to fight against all the problems caused by corona infection. Taking the vaccine also reduces the effects of infection on the body. 40 percent of people infected with Kovid-19 are considered asymptomatic. They get infected, but they do not show any symptoms at all. That is, even healthy people can get infected when they come in contact with such people.

What should be taken care of?

To avoid Kovid infection and its effects, everyone should follow Kovid Appropriate Behavior. Even if you are healthy, but still keep distance while socializing with anyone. Because caution is the only prevention. Keep using the mask continuously. Follow all corona protocols seriously. Dr. Kumar did something for the caution of the people.‘Precision Measures’ Also shared, like-

1. If possible, stay at home and reduce physical contact with people. Keep distance from such people who are ill. Apart from this, try to maintain distance even if someone is ill in the family. If you are taking care of a sick person, wear a mask. And also make sure that the mask is effective in preventing infection. Avoid any kind of negligence regarding your safety.

2. If you have not got the Covid vaccine or not fully vaccinated, then maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other people at the public place. Because if you come in contact with an infected person, you may have to face serious consequences of Covid.

3. Avoid spreading any kind of rumors or fear regarding infection. Because it can cause many losses. If your child or someone in the family is sick, see the doctor immediately, do not give medicine yourself, nor use such medicine, which you do not need.

4. Right now many such patients can be seen, in whom not even a single symptom of corona infection is visible or if they are visible, then very few. In such a situation, following the Covid rules, eat good and balanced food. Take proper sleep and exercise daily. Because it is beneficial for your health and fitness.

5. Parents should inculcate the habit of washing hands in their children, especially when they are touching someone. Must use mask in public places. Maintain social distancing. Also avoid going to crowded places. By taking these measures, you can remain safe.

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