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Do not touch these things even by mistake after C section delivery, there may be problems in operation
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Do not touch these things even by mistake after C section delivery, there may be problems in operation

C-Section Delivery:Women need to take special care after delivery. Especially when the delivery is cesarean. In this, a big cut is made on the abdomen to remove the child, stitches have to be taken care of. It is advised not to eat such food Due to which stitches and wounds are affected, these abstinence lasts for about six months. After C section delivery, there are many such things which are forbidden to be eaten and it is necessary to take care of it seriously so that recovery can happen quickly. Let us know what women should not eat after cesarean delivery.

fast foodEating fast food is prohibited anyway, but after cesarean delivery, the hormones of women’s body are coming back to normal, if fast food is consumed in such a situation, there may be problems related to digestion. Fast food can cause problems for women like gas and strong cramps etc. The bad cholesterol present in it can increase the recovery time of cesarean delivery.

spicy foodSpicy food should also be avoided because it can also cause stomach problems. If force has to be applied in cleaning the stomach, then it affects the stitches, apart from this, eating spicy food is also harmful for the child who is drinking milk.

cold drink-Women should drink sufficient amount of water, but cold drinks should not be consumed at all, it contains artificial flavor and sugar, which causes dehydration in the body, due to which there is a problem in the process of milk production.

Ghee rice-Women eat ghee and rice considering them to be full of nutrients, but this leads to weight gain. Women become victims of obesity and then have to face the problem of high BP, it may take time to heal the wound.

Avoiding cold thingsStay away from cold things, because too much cold food disrupts the effect of blood in the body, it can weaken immunity, cough and cold can occur, stitches can be stressed when sneezing. Pain can be felt and there can be many other problems.

Apart from this, things that cause gas or constipation like radish, brinjal, chickpeas, rajma should not be consumed.

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Disclaimer: Take the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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