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Does eating sweet and cold ice cream also increase cholesterol, know the truth here
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Does eating sweet and cold ice cream also increase cholesterol, know the truth here

Cholesterol Causes: Who does not like to eat cold-cold ice cream. Different flavors of ice cream appeal to everyone. Most people consume ice cream to get cool, while some people like to eat it in desserts, but do you know that a bowl of ice cream can increase your cholesterol level to a great extent. Yes, in fact, ice cream contains a lot of fat, which can increase the level of cholesterol. So let’s know about the harm caused by eating ice cream-

ice cream and cholesterol

According to Health Line, if a person sleeps after eating a bowl of ice cream at night, then his cholesterol level can increase significantly. Actually, ice cream, which looks delicious in food, is a completely fat product, which can increase our cholesterol level.

ice cream increases obesity

Health experts say that if you want to be healthy, then you should not eat ice cream every day. Because it not only increases cholesterol, but also increases blood sugar level and obesity significantly.

Similar harm can be caused by sherbet

If you want to drink sherbet instead of ice cream, which is made from milk and sugar, then it can affect your health just like ice cream. In this case, do not even use sherbet.

eat these things

If you want to keep cholesterol under control, then for this you can consume healthy things like avocado, olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish etc. This helps a lot in controlling cholesterol.

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