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Don't fall ill due to cold, heart patients should take care of themselves in this way
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Don’t fall ill due to cold, heart patients should take care of themselves in this way

Winter Care Advice: Answer – It is getting cold in India. People are adopting different measures to avoid chilling. Challenges for health are also increasing in the midst of increasing cold. In such a situation, it becomes more important to take care of children and the elderly. In view of the extreme cold, a health advisory has been issued by the Meteorological Department. In which it has been said that ignoring health in cold can increase your problems. It can be even more dangerous for respiratory patients. That’s why you should take care of yourself for the whole week.

Do not compromise on health in winter

Talking to a media house, Dr. Atul Gogia, Senior Consultant, Sir Gangaram Hospital, has talked in detail on how to take care of health in winter. He has said that the way winter is increasing, high blood pressure and heart patients need to be careful. Increasing cold can increase the risk of diseases like heart attack, paralysis.

increase in the number of patients

Dr. Atul Gogia said that the number of patients suffering from these diseases has increased in the last few weeks. In such a situation, there is a need to take more care of those people, who already have breathing or heart related problems. He cautioned that the risk of paralysis also increases in the winter season. Many other types of diseases also increase.

Take care of yourself in this way.

Talking about prevention from cold, Dr. Atul Gogia said that as much as possible, keep yourself covered. Get out of the house only when it is very important, so that you do not get caught in the cold wind. Because the torture of winter can also be fatal. He has also advised to avoid eating too much fried food.

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