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Don't worry if Uric Acid increases, include these 5 things in your diet
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Don’t worry if Uric Acid increases, include these 5 things in your diet

How To Control Uric Acid Level: : Increase in Uric Acid in the blood is injurious to health. This can cause serious problems like arthritis, kidney stones. According to the National Library of Medicine, uric acid ranges from 3.4 to 7 mg/dL is considered normal in men and 2.4 to 6 mg/dL is considered normal in women. Its decrease and excess both are not good for health. That’s why you should always pay special attention to your food.

decrease and increase of uric acid

If the level of uric acid is low, then there can be many problems. Uric acid levels less than 2mg/dL or 1mg/dL can give diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and motor neurone. Increasing the level of uric acid is called hyperuricemia in the medical term. This is also dangerous. Due to increase in uric acid, crystals or stones start forming in the joints. There is also a risk of getting kidney stones. That’s why food should be improved so that the level of uric acid in the blood does not increase. These 5 things should be included in the diet.


According to a media report, orange acts like a lifesaver for patients with high uric acid in cold weather. Vitamin C present in it helps in reducing the level of uric acid in the blood. Oranges should be consumed regularly in the winter season.


According to Health Line, Amla is also a good source of Vitamin-C like orange. The anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties found in amla keep the uric acid level under control. This also ends many types of health problems. That’s why gooseberry should be consumed regularly.

green tea

It has been found in a research that if green tea is consumed daily during the winter season, it is very beneficial. The nutrients found in green tea are helpful in controlling the level of uric acid.

coconut water

According to health experts, if someone’s uric acid has increased, then coconut water can be a panacea for him. Patients of high uric acid should drink coconut water every morning.


According to Healthline, cherry is very effective in controlling the amount of uric acid. If uric acid patients include cherries in their diet, then the anti-inflammatory properties found in it can reduce the pain and swelling of their increased uric acid.

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