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Drinking hot water again and again due to corona can be the cause of other diseases
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Drinking hot water again and again due to corona can be the cause of other diseases

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): From China to the whole world, new variants of Corona are once again wreaking havoc. Where lakhs of cases are coming every day in China, on the other hand alarm bells have rung for the people of India. Hearing the name of Corona, most of the people start drinking boiled water again and again. They think that by drinking hot water, the corona will disappear completely. For your information, let us tell you that doing so can prove to be very harmful for your health. It can also spoil your health. This thing may surprise you but it is true and it has been proved in many researches. 

Kidney is affected
Kidney has a special capillary system. Whose job is to remove extra water from the body and toxins from the body. According to research, if you drink too much hot water, then there are many problems in the functioning of the kidneys. 

Lack of sleep
Drinking lukewarm water at night while sleeping is very good for your health, but if you drink very hot water then it can create problems for you. This can spoil your night’s sleep. By drinking hot water, you have the problem of toilet during the night. This puts pressure on your blood circulation. Do not drink hot water while sleeping. 

Blood circulation problems may start

Drinking too much hot water can prove to be very harmful for blood circulation. Drinking more water increases blood in the body. High blood pressure and other cardio problems can occur. 

Swelling of nerves
There are many people who drink water without being thirsty, then their nerves get swollen. That’s why you should drink water only when you feel thirsty. Drinking hot water again and again causes headache.

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