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Even though the friend smokes a cigarette, you are also coming under wraps!
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Even though the friend smokes a cigarette, you are also coming under wraps!

Cigarette Smoke For Heart: Today is World Heart Day. Every year this day is celebrated all over the world on 29th September. People are made aware about taking care of heart health. You must know that smoking is harmful to the heart and lungs, but do you know that living with a friend who smokes cigarettes is also coming under wraps.

Yes, doctors say that passive smoking means living near a smoker and breathing in the smoke released by him increases the risk of heart diseases in your body. Even if you do not smoke cigarettes, but sitting with people who smoke cigarettes in front of you does the same harm as smoking cigarettes. People who smoke are at high risk of heart and lung-related diseases. But secondhand or passive smoking is also dangerous. Because of this, the chances of stroke in a person increase significantly.

If a friend smokes a cigarette, then you are also at risk of heart attack
Doctors say that sitting in cigarette smoke i.e. sitting near a cigarette smoker is as bad as smoking a cigarette. Nicotine is inhaled through your breath, which affects the inner lining of the arteries leading to the brain and heart. The endothelium causes swelling of the arteries and increases the chances of blockages due to the formation of plague. This increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Heart attack cases are increasing by 2 percent every year
Doctors say that the risk of stroke is increasing among youth who smoke cigarettes or are exposed to cigarette smoke. Every year in the last 7 years, the cases of heart attack among youth are increasing by about 2%.

Passive smoggins increases stroke risk by 25%
If you do not smoke cigarettes and live only with people who smoke cigarettes, then your risk of heart attack, brain stroke and other diseases increases by 20 to 15 percent. Secondhand smoking is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.

Dangerous for pregnant women
Cigarette smoke contains particulate matter and nicotine, which can affect heart health and the arteries of the heart. Passive smoking can also cause neurological problems. This is very dangerous for pregnant women. This can cause problems in the proper development of the unborn baby.

How to Avoid Second Hand Smoking or Passive Smoking

  • Do not go near people who smoke. Due to this the smoke will not reach your body and smokers should also keep this thing in mind.
  • If you are pregnant then you should avoid cigarette smoke. Also prevent children from coming in contact with cigarette smoke.
  • If you are smoking in a public place, then smoke only by going to the places made for smoking.
  • Smokers should avoid smoking in crowded places.
  • Remember this thing that smoking is very harmful for you and the health of those around you.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult a doctor.

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