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Follow these tips for a raised lip look, follow lip contour hacks
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Follow these tips for a raised lip look, follow lip contour hacks

Contour Lips: If you also want your lips to look completely different and embossed, then today we have come to tell you about Contour Lips. By adopting which you can get pout-looking lips. The most important part of makeup is the lip, which is highlighted at the end. The shade of lipstick is similar to that of your dress, but if this part is not done properly, then the hard work goes in vain.

Today we have come to tell you about many people who want to highlight their lips separately during makeup. That’s why today we have come to tell you about the contouring technique of lips. There are many people who do not even know about the technique of applying lipstick properly. That’s why today we are telling you how to look beautiful by following the Lips Contour Technique.

Use lip liner in the first step
If you do not want to highlight your lips too much, then you can just use lip liner to make it look natural.
For lip liner, use dark brown or maroon color.
While using lip liner, apply them with light hands. This reduces the chances of making a mistake.

Use bronzer in the second step
If you want a pouty look, use a bronzer.
Apply the bronzer on the edges of the lips.
You can use a brush for this.
The bronzer should be two shades darker than your skin tone.

Ombre lips are in trend
If your lips are already defined then you can go for the ombre effect.
For this, you should first shade the outer of the lip with a dark shade.
Now use a light color in the middle of the lips
Now blend the two together
You can use your fingers to blend.
This is a completely new technology, which is trending a lot.

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