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Food Mood Connection: Your mood has a wonderful relationship with stomach and food, here's how
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Food Mood Connection: Your mood has a wonderful relationship with stomach and food, here’s how

Health Tips: You must have noticed many times that if you are angry or stressed, if you eat something sweet or something of your choice, then your mood immediately changes or becomes good. There are many such sour, sweet and spicy things that eating or craving for them shows different colors of your mood. Yes it is absolutely right. On the other hand, even if you eat some healthy or unhealthy food, your stomach ie your mood reflects that thing, that too by feeling the gilt. Your stomach recognizes unhealthy things. In fact, the stomach affects your mood. It tells you whether what you have eaten is healthy or not.

Whenever you eat unhealthy things, your stomach will definitely get upset. Due to which your stress level increases. Which has a direct effect on your mood, that is, your mood gets spoiled. It simply means that your body does not consider that food good. Food, Stomach and Mood (Food, Mood and Stomach) is the connection of all three.

how is the connection
If you eat any fried or chemical-rich things, then your mood gets upset, which has a direct effect on your stomach. It also increases your stress. You get this from the signal of your stomach. Although we ignore it.

How does it affect mood
Our gut is home to trillions of bacteria, known as the gut microbiome. On the other hand, the good bacteria in our gut can help suppress stress hormones and make us feel more relaxed. Whenever you eat some processed, fried food or sugar, bed bacteria affect your stomach as well as mood. At the same time you must have noticed that if you eat something healthy then your mood remains good because you do not feel guilty.

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