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From birth-death to eclipse and menstruation transitions have been told in Ved Puranas, know the rules
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From birth-death to eclipse and menstruation transitions have been told in Ved Puranas, know the rules

Ved Vaani, Vedas Niti Niyam: Life becomes happy with the knowledge of Vedas and Puranas. That’s why it is said that the knowledge of Vedas can change our life. Many things related to ethics, religion and knowledge are described in the Vedas. It is considered to be the most sacred and oldest scripture of Hinduism, which was not written by ordinary humans but by sages after deep penance, which we call ‘Vedas’. The simple and clear meaning of Veda is ‘Knowledge’. From birth and death to the rules to avoid infection during eclipse and menstruation, the rules have also been explained in the Vedas.

Be it Vedic period, Puranic or Kalyug. There has always been a danger of infection in the world. However, in ancient times there were no such medical facilities as they are at present. In such a situation, many rules were made by the scholars, so that infection can be avoided by following cleanliness and rules. In order to avoid infection and many diseases, the rules of Sutak-Patak have been made by scholars in ancient times. Know about these rules.

Infection during birth and its rules

In Hinduism, just as certain rules have to be followed at the time of the death of a relative at home, in the same way Sutak is applied even after the birth of a newborn at home. During birth, special attention is paid to the cleanliness of both the mother and the child.

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It is believed that the mother of a child, who is pregnant, has a thread for 45 days. Along with the delivery, there is a thread for the family members as well. If the woman’s delivery is in Pihar, then it lasts for 3 days, if it is in her in-laws’ house, then it lasts for 10 days. On the other hand, if an abortion takes place, then the number of months in which the abortion takes place is considered as a paatak. During this the risk of infection increases. This is the reason why the movement of outsiders is prohibited at home.

Transition after death and its rules

It has been told in Garuda Purana that when a relative dies at home, the rules have to be followed for the whole 13 days. This is called Patak. According to the Puranas, the relatives of the deceased have to strictly follow the rules for the whole 10 days and the person performing the funeral for 12-13 days. Not only this, coming and going to someone’s house is also prohibited for the whole month and a quarter. It has been said in the Vedas and Puranas that the one who touches the dead body of the deceased is impure for 3 days, the one who gives shoulder is 8 days.

Infections and rules during menstruation

In ancient times, during menstruation or menstruation, women were separated from regular household chores like worshiping, cooking food and doing other household chores. Because the risk of infection increases during menstruation. During this, the arrangements for bathing, eating and resting for women were also different. The concept behind this was to follow the rules of cleanliness and also to protect oneself from infection. Because then modern medicine was not available like today.

Transition and rules during eclipse

In Hinduism, rules have also been made for solar and lunar eclipses. Because during this also the risk of infection increases. It is believed that the food and drink material gets most contaminated during the eclipse. That’s why they are cooked before eclipse and Tulsi leaves are added. These rules made by Vedas-Puranas and ancient scholars are followed even today. Along with mythological belief, it also has a scientific basis. Because Tulsi is full of medicinal properties. It is used in many ways in Ayurveda. Antibacterial properties are found in Tulsi, which helps in removing problems related to the stomach, such as problems in the digestive system, burning sensation in the stomach and acidity etc.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before implementing any information or belief, consult the relevant expert.

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