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From police sirens to ambulance lights, why are emergency signals only red
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From police sirens to ambulance lights, why are emergency signals only red

Why Red Is Used To Highlight Danger: In concepts ranging from electromagnetic theory to neuroscience, the secret is hidden that why red color is at the top of both romance and danger. The color red, a symbol of romance, is also the first choice to represent danger. It is not an artist’s imagination or lover’s poetry, but the fact of science, which makes red color so special.

why is red so special,

Actually, the wavelength of red is the highest among the seven colors (VIBGYOR) of the rainbow. The higher the wavelength of the color, the clearer it is visible to our eyes. At the same time, even after crossing the particles of dust, steam and gas, it does not scatter and reaches our eyes clearly. Therefore, red color is used to indicate any emergency or danger sign.

What is the effect of red color on human brain,

A research published in the science journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience claimed that the color red is associated with our attention attraction. According to the study, whenever an event occurs, our motor response, that is, our ability to take action, increases as soon as we see the red color. This is the reason that on seeing the red color, the human brain gets activated automatically, whether it is a rose or a siren decorated with this color.

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