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Hackers can easily hack your device's camera, know these things to avoid
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Hackers can easily hack your device’s camera, know these things to avoid

Tips to Stay Safe from Camera Hacking : The month of October 2022 is being celebrated as Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month. The Government of India has taken this step with the aim of creating awareness among people about various types of cyber attacks and also to make internet users strict. One such cyber attack is also Camera Hacking.

For camera hacking, scammers use various types of malware to hack digital devices and remotely access the webcam and camera of the user’s device without the user’s permission. Here the device can mean anything from the user’s desktop, laptop, tablet, security camera and mobile phone.

How does camera hacking happen?

Scammers normally use email or message to hack the camera of mobile phone, laptop, desktop or any device and this is the easiest medium for scammers. In fact, users open files and links linked to emails or messages to check news, content or any data, so that scammers can easily access users’ cameras and entire devices by hacking.

Apart from this, scammers send users to any other website through email, in this email the same web links are given, in which the users are interested. As soon as users open these websites, the website asks for the permission of RAT (Remote Access Trojan) in their system. If users accept this permission then hackers start their work. Scammers first install spyware on the user’s device, after which the scammers get full control of the user’s device and camera.

Information on how to prevent hacking

As it has been told earlier that hackers normally use messages and emails for hacking, so to avoid any kind of cyber attacks, do not click on any unknown links on these messages and emails. Also, keep in mind that do not download any app on your device from these links. To download any app, only use the official app store.

If the webcam or camera of any digital device is not being used, keep it covered. Webcam shield can be used to cover or you can also use tap. Along with this, also know that your digital device should be updated with the latest software and also keep in mind that you do not share your personal details with any person on social media or any other social platform.

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