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Have you ever had curry leaves tea?  You get these amazing benefits
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Have you ever had curry leaves tea? You get these amazing benefits

Benefits Of Curry Leaves: You all must be aware of the use of curry leaves, it is mostly used for tempering South Indian food. It is mainly used in making sambar, dal or idli. People in South also drink curry leaves juice to stay fit, but do you know that you can make and drink tea from curry leaves, which is very beneficial for health. It protects from many types of physical problems.. Let’s know its benefits.

nutrients in curry leaves

Many nutrients are found in curry leaves, such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A, carotene, vitamin C… This is the reason why the people of South India use it extensively. Lots of curry leaves are used in the food as well, it increases the taste and also benefits the body.

Curry leaves tea is beneficial in these things

Boost immunity- Drinking curry leaves tea is a great option to protect the body from diseases, many nutrients are found in it. Regular consumption of tea boosts immunity.

Remove free radicals The body gets powerful antioxidants after drinking curry leaf tea, due to which it removes free radicals, such as preventing skin cells from getting damaged. It has very good levels of phenolics and antioxidant properties. The elements present in antioxidants are also effective in protecting the body from infection and inflammation.

Help in weight loss-Many such nutrients are found in curry leaves which helps in reducing cholesterol, so while losing weight, drink tea made from curry leaves. it makes it easier to lose weight

Fix digestive system According to the report, it contains mild laxative properties and digestive enzymes which improve bowel movement, it also improves digestion, drinking this tea can also cure problems like constipation, gas diarrhea, and improve the digestive system.

Beneficial in vomiting- If you consume tea during pregnancy, then drinking it will not bother you with problems like vomiting, nausea, morning sickness.

relieve stressThe fragrance of curry leaves is such that it can relax you by reaching your nerves, it can calm your mind by giving you relief from stress. If you are very tired throughout the day, then try drinking a cup of curry leaves tea in the evening, you will get amazing rest.

Beneficial for the eyes-To keep the eyes healthy, definitely drink curry leaves tea. Vitamin A is found in it, which is essential for eye health.

How to make tea?

Boil 20 to 30 curry leaves in a glass of water, when the water becomes half then filter it. Mix lemon juice and honey in it and drink it.

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