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How will be the coming time for the stock market, expert opinion on Nifty to value stocks

How will be the coming time for the stock market, expert opinion on Nifty to value stocks

Stock Market Outlook: The past week proved to be tremendous for the Indian stock market when both Sensex and Nifty crossed their all-time high levels and showed historic highs. For a long time, we have been telling you about such stocks and market movements, which can give you great profits. still here
We are showing you the market movements and technical analysis of stocks. Know and take advantage of this analysis of CNI Research.

Opinion of Kishor Ostwal of CNI Research
Kishore P Ostwal, MD, CNI Research says that finally on this Thursday we have seen the high level of 18998 in Nifty and it was only the CNI team who predicted the arrival of this level, that too when it was close to 15200. Was on level. This is because CNI does not have any other interest of its own (only research platform and not broking platform) and it has all the tools to read the data easily, be it weekly, monthly, yearly or last 31 years data Are. Those who follow us know that for the last 13 years our strike rate has been more than 95 percent continuously. This has been the case even in many difficult situations as was seen during the time of Kovid-19. We had predicted Sensex to go up to 21,000 when it broke down to 7200 at the time of Lehman crisis. It is not that we are the only ones who understand the market properly, but those who understand it also run it clearly according to their own way.

Our precise opinion on the movement of Nifty
This was the reason that the lower level of Nifty till 14500 was seen when it was at the level of 15200. At the same time, we again saw BHEL’s stock being downgraded and it also made a lower level. At the same time, after this, it had shown a jump of 64 percent from its lower level and it also came to the level of less than 4 months. Another broker had downgraded SAIL and now we say that SAIL may see a jump of 50 to 60 percent in the next few months. If the level of 300-350 rupees does not come in the sale, then the rally of the metal sector is far away. The recent decline seen in the metal sector came because it had seen a tremendous boom and now its decline has also been completed, which will now take the metal stocks to all-time highs. On the other hand, even after reaching the level of 18998 in the Nifty rally, the Nifty RSI is only at 71, which is due to vigorous shorts. We will be cautious if it goes above 81. On Thursday and Friday we had advised to buy Nifty near 18850 and put a stoploss of 18600.

american markets move
In the US markets, Dow Jones crossed the level of 34600 and this happened because Jerome Powell has indicated to reduce the process of increasing interest rates due to low inflation rate. The US economy is expected to grow at a rapid rate of 2.9 per cent in the third quarter due to the Black Friday sale. I predicted Dow to go to 34 thousand when it was at 29 thousand and after that revised my numbers to 35,000. The Dow Jones is expected to hit an all-time high in the next few months. In the era of ever-increasing inflation and rising interest rates in America, about 20 states have offered one-time tax exemptions and tax exemptions so that citizens can fight the ever-increasing cost of living. This is nothing but the effect of QE which prevents the American economy from going into recession. Remember that I have said many times that the revenue of the government should not be underestimated. The stories of recession are planted and on the basis of these, the efforts of the market to go to 34600 suffered a setback, but now the market is growing rapidly again and a jump of 19 percent was seen in it. However, it caused many losses to those who had shorted the market. History repeats itself and shorts always go against the most invariable rule of the bull market that you should buy on dips. However, on December 6, a 2 percent decline can be seen in the market, due to which it can come around the trend of Dow.

News Reels

Talk about some banking stocks
Feel good sector is always dangerous, we have seen this during Pramod Mahajan’s politics and in pharma sector. Now the banking sector is stuck in this feel good sector. The irony of the stock market is that when the shares are at the bottom, no one likes them, but when they come to the top, they want to take them. For example, we identified Bank of Baroda at 73 and advised to buy SBI at Rs 140 level. Many brokers are still downgrading these shares and some are advising to buy these shares above 600 and above Rs 165. I understand that the brokers are on the sell side and their job is to earn their brokerage by selling shares. These reports are easy to come by and free too, the stock market loves free advice. He trusts these reports and acts on the basis of these which we term as useless. There is no concept of short term bear market and long term bull market in the market.

SAIL share opinion
As soon as SAIL was downgraded, the stock jumped 6 per cent and the entire metal sector was in a tizzy. Tisco’s share fell from Rs 104 to Rs 111 and once again the result of CNI Research’s bold call on the metal has been seen. This is only a glimpse. We have seen all time high level coming in Tata Steel and can also see SAIL crossing the level of Rs 110-120, after that the market will realize that they have taken a big step by getting trapped in the trap. Had the government not done QIP in SAIL, it could have come around Rs 200-250.

Who are smart buyers?
When you are caught in the middle of nowhere, you become a part of the world of 99.99 per cent confused traders and investors. Wealth creation is done only through 0.01% and they know their work very well. Even when the market reduces their holdings by falling into these conditions, these smart people consolidate their positions. Do you remember that after the episode of 17100, I had presented the summary of 7 months in front of you and told about purchases worth Rs 2.20 lakh crore. I do not forget my analysis and smart buyers are also remembering it.

FPIs are continuously buying
WhatsApp University is full of those same 99.99% people and that is why we see the most noise here. The smart buyers of .01 percent people are the people doing serious business and they laugh at the things and ifs and buts of these 99 percent people. From July 21, 2022, FPIs are continuously buying and it has come to $ 13.90 billion, which was well estimated by CNI Research. For FPI buying in this financial year, we estimate that another purchase of Rs 80,000-90,000 can be seen.

Names of some value bought stocks
At CNI Research, we are at the forefront of catching the trends and picking stocks whether it is A grade shares or B grade shares or micro cap shares. Shares of Tata Power, Tata Motors were around 60 when the CNI team selected them for purchase. Similarly, there have been shares of VIP, Va-Tech, Cera Sanitaryware and Vimplast. The calls on the shares of OAL, BEML, BEL, SBI, TISCO, IFB, Shivalik, Safari etc. have been given through CNI Research and they have given 100% to 3000% returns in the last decade.

Stocks with multibagger returns
We have hundreds of such shares which are entitled to our credit but we generally do not claim such shares. This is a thing of the past and nothing will be achieved by digging it, so it is better that we talk about today and talk about multibagger stocks. Recent bets CCD, SPIC, Himadri, RVNL, Railtel and many more stocks have given 100% returns in 12 months. If you know all these names then there is no need to tell them again. This week we have selected such stocks which are capable of giving returns ranging from 100% to 1000% and some of them up to 10,000% in long term like 5 years. These are some microcap stocks that you can know about.

Nifty will go up to 21,000
The fear of Lok Sabha elections in 2014, the fear of UP elections in 2017, the fear of US elections which lasted till 2022 and the fear of war continued but the market was bound to go in an upward direction. Fear of inflation, fear of interest rates and fear of economic slowdown have given CNI Research an excellent opportunity to buy near 15200. Our goal is to buy when the street is on sale. We have already predicted Nifty to go up to 37800 by the year 2025-2026 and its immediate target which is for the next 12 months is 21000.

strategy on nifty
I definitely think that market bottom has been formed at 18600. Although this is not in any data nor given on the chart but our 31 years of research has estimated that by checking all the higher and lower levels it is known that whenever the market corrects from the top that level It takes a long time to retouch. This time it took a total of 12 months and it saw a growth of more than 22 percent in coming from 15200 to 18600. So this time also you should be long and consider 18600 as stoploss. Exit Nifty only when it breaks the level of 18600.

Hopeful for GST collection
India’s GST collection has crossed Rs 1.5 lakh crore and all efforts are being made to take it beyond Rs 1.6 lakh crore by March 2023. The day is not far when this GST collection will cross the level of Rs 2 lakh crore and then Rs 3 lakh crore. The Finance Ministry has already said that it is committed to bring down the fiscal deficit below 6 percent.

talk about some different companies
Three airports of the country have entered the advanced phase of digitization and will be equipped with face recognition technology very soon. This thing will not end only at the airport and face recognition technique will be adopted in many other places. I think only INSPRISISYS has a good share in this segment in India and its revenue can come to Rs 400 crores. The Japanese MNC is currently available for Rs 200 crore. So who is to blame when we buy a stock like Redington with a market cap of Rs 12,000 crore and ignore a stock with a market cap of Rs 200 crore? Let us remember such shares after a few years and repeat our memories.

Disclaimer: The market levels and stocks mentioned here are the stocks researched by CNI Research. Be sure to consult your investment advisor before investing. is not responsible for any kind of loss.

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