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If you are taking supplements to build your body, be careful!  risk of heart attack
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If you are taking supplements to build your body, be careful! risk of heart attack

Heart Attack Prevention: Nowadays the craze of body building is raising the heads of the youth. For this, they are sweating in the gym for many hours. Going to the gym, building a body is a good thing, but going to the gym and then taking supplements can be fatal in the process of building a body. Recently, many such cases have been seen, when many people lost their lives due to heart attack in the gym. Many celebrities are also included in this. So be careful if you are taking supplements, because it increases the risk of heart attack.

beware of supplements

According to experts of heart diseases, people going to the gym should especially take care of some things. Along with building the body, taking care of the heart is also very important. Some people start taking supplements as soon as they go to the gym to make better abs and body faster. Supplements include many such elements that can spoil the health of our heart. In such a situation, the chances of getting a heart attack increases or there can be many serious diseases related to the heart.

consult a cardiologist

According to a senior cardiologist, before starting going to the gym, you must consult a specialist heart doctor. No one even knows when heart diseases make us a victim around the age of 40 years. In such a situation, taking supplements with gym increases the risk of heart attack.

keep these things in mind

According to cardiologists, these days the risk of heart attack is increasing rapidly in young people. This has happened due to bad lifestyle, wrong eating habits, too much stress and smoking habits. Attention should be paid to keep the heart strong and healthy. That’s why it is necessary to change lifestyle, take better diet, walk daily, reduce stress, go to gym, do not take supplements at all and keep yourself away from smoking, alcohol.

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