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If you have to take the help of IVF for pregnancy, then remove all these confusions here
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If you have to take the help of IVF for pregnancy, then remove all these confusions here

In vitro fertilization (IVF): Low fertility is becoming a common thing in today’s time. Most of the young couples are facing this problem. Some of the reasons for this are related to lifestyle, which you can overcome by following a healthy routine. That is, these simple things are very beneficial in increasing the fertility of both men and women. like…

  • staying up late at night and disturbing your biological clock
  • gaining weight
  • getting married at an older age
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • smoking addiction

After what age does fertility decrease?

After the age of 35, the production of eggs in the body of women decreases. Whereas after the age of 50 in men, the quality of sperms decreases.

When should I do IVF?

  • When you go to a fertility clinic, you are not given IVF treatment as soon as you go. Rather, first the egg is examined and the fallopian tube, uterine sac is examined. That is, a thorough examination of the woman’s uterus is done and it is seen that there is no problem. After this the sperms of the man are examined and their quality level is checked.
  • After examining these two, it is seen whether this problem can be cured with medicines or not. If there is a possibility of recovery from drugs, then medicine is given and if it is not, then through Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) technique, the sperms of the husband are kept in the uterus of the wife. So that the process of embryo formation can be made easier. If it is successful then it is fine and if it is not successful then IVF technique is used as the last option.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult a doctor.

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