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If you want to lose weight fast after pregnancy, then take tips from Alia Bhatt
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If you want to lose weight fast after pregnancy, then take tips from Alia Bhatt

Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Sometime back, Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt shared a video of her on Instagram, in which the actress was seen doing aerial yoga after the birth of her daughter. In such a situation, it is bound to arise a question in the mind of women that when should we start working out after delivery, because during pregnancy, she gains a lot of weight and wants to reduce it as soon as possible. So let us tell you expert tips that when and how you should workout during pregnancy and after delivery.

What is aerial yoga

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt was recently seen doing aerial yoga. This was her first workout video after delivery. Actually, aerial yoga is anti-gravity yoga, which is not done on the floor but in the air on a cloth swing. During this, you do some yoga while hanging in the air, which gives many benefits to the body such as relief in back pain, flexibility, reducing stress, getting good sleep and burning calories.

how long after delivery to start working out

If you want to workout after delivery, then let us tell you that if your vaginal delivery means normal delivery, then you must rest for at least 2 weeks. After this, you can start doing workouts slowly. From Pranayama to walk, you can include it in your routine. On the other hand, if you have given birth to a child through C section, then wait for at least 6 to 8 weeks and then start doing workouts slowly according to your capacity. In this you can include things like yoga, walk, cycling etc. But before starting anything, do consult your doctor.

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