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If your eyes are getting sick somewhere, do not ignore these symptoms at all
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If your eyes are getting sick somewhere, do not ignore these symptoms at all

Eye Problem: By the way, every part of the body is a unique gift given by nature. But some of these parts are very precious. One such part is your eyes. It is the eyes that tell what nature is like and what is its light? If there are no eyes, the world becomes desolate. Due to bad lifestyle, every part of the body is getting affected. Even the eyes are not untouched by them. If there is some disturbance in the eyes, she also gives an indication that she should be treated soon, otherwise she can also leave slowly. Today is World Sight Day. We are going to tell you about the symptoms that can be identified and improved your vision.

recognize such weak eyes

Watery Eyes
There are many reasons for watery eyes. But the biggest reason is the weakness of the eyes. If water is coming out of the eyes while writing, reading and staring, then the doctor should be seen immediately.

if it is blurry
When the vision is not correct, things start looking blurry. Even after washing the eyes many times, it is not possible to see completely clearly. Although sometimes it looks fine. This problem is more visible in the morning.

Headache can remain throughout the day if the eyes are weak. Many times people keep taking headache pills. This gives relief for a while, as soon as the effect of the pill is over, the pain starts again. Sometimes the pain starts at the back of the head as well. Especially when the eyes are tilted and looking down, the trouble is more.

itchy eyes
Working on laptop, watching TV or mobile for a long time starts straining the eyes. In such a situation, itching starts in the eyes. This increases the infection. The eyes turn red.

If you have problems with your eyes, try these remedies

eat cashews, almonds
Cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts are rich in anti-oxidants. Eating them will increase the eyesight. They should be consumed in daily use.

put cucumber on eyes
It is used as a therapy for the eyes. If there is tiredness in the eyes, then after washing cucumber for some time, then cutting round pieces of them should be kept. This will give relief to the eyes.

Splash in the eyes by filling the mouth with water
In the morning, when it is time to brush, fill your mouth with water. After that splash it in the eyes. This will increase the eyesight and there will be no irritation.

green vegetables increase eyesight
Include spinach, fenugreek, broccoli, peas, cabbage and other green vegetables in the routine diet. Eat salad too. Antioxidants are present in green vegetables.

Must eat vitamin A
Vitamin A is the most effective for sharpening eyesight. People who eat less vitamin A. His eyes are covered with glasses. Must eat fruits rich in vitamin A

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