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Indian people get excellent jobs in these 5 countries, salary above 30 lakhs
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Indian people get excellent jobs in these 5 countries, salary above 30 lakhs

Everyone wants to earn good money. For this, many people do not even hesitate to go abroad. There are a lot of people in India who go abroad in search of good jobs. Today we will give you information about 5 such countries, where if you do a job, you will get better salary than other countries. The biggest thing is that Indian people get jobs easily in these 5 countries. So let’s know about those top 5 countries where Indian people get the highest paying jobs.

first country luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country in Western Europe. The borders of this country are with France, Germany and Belgium, the population here is just six lakhs. Let us tell you that the employees working here get more salary than other countries of the world. The average annual salary in Luxembourg is around Rs 48 lakhs. That is, if you work in Luxembourg, then you will not get a job of less than 48 lakhs annually.

another country switzerland

Switzerland is a country in Europe which is called the paradise of the world. This country, which is surrounded by European countries, has not yet joined the European Union, due to which Switzerland’s own currency runs here, not Euro. The powerful banking system of this country is popular all over the world. Those employed here get an average annual salary of Rs 45 lakh.

third country denmark

Denmark is a country where people live a very high standard lifestyle. This country is often included in the list of the world’s happiest countries. Along with this, it is very easy to do business in this country as compared to other countries of the world, due to which this country has made a lot of progress. Today, the average annual salary of the employees working in this country is about 41 lakh rupees.

fourth country netherlands

If the name of the best countries of the world comes and Netherlands is not there then how can it happen. Netherlands is known all over the world for its best transport system. Even its capital Amsterdam is recognized as a global city all over the world. A lot of care is taken of the employees working in this country. This is the reason that the average annual salary of every employee here is around Rs 40 lakh.

fifth country belgium

Belgium is a European country. The special thing about this country is that 3 languages ​​are officially spoken here. The first one is Flemish Dutch, the second one is French and the third one is German. At the same time, there is a lot of English speaking people in this country. In most of the offices here work is done in English only. Most of the people working in this country get an average annual salary of Rs 38 lakh.

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