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It is wise to put ginger in tea at this time
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It is wise to put ginger in tea at this time

The thing that Indians are at the fore in consuming after water is tea. You will definitely find tea in every corner of India and inaccessible to inaccessible areas from Jammu down to Kanyakumari. These days the winter season is going on. In such a situation, the importance of tea increases further. If tea is made in the right way, it brings many benefits to the body along with warmth. People add various spices to the tea according to their taste. But, one thing that everyone usually adds to tea is ginger.

The pleasure of drinking ginger tea in the bitter cold is something different. Ginger tea not only removes fatigue, but also removes the headache many times while sitting in the office. But, do you know when and how should you add ginger to ginger tea? There will probably be very few people who will know about this. Today, through this article, we will tell you that after heating ginger water or after adding milk, when should you add it?

Add it at this time, the taste of tea will increase.

The quality of tea depends on when you put ginger in the tea. Ginger should always be added to tea only after adding milk, tea leaves and sugar. Also keep in mind that when the tea comes to a boil, add ginger to it only after that. You can also put ginger in tea in different ways. Let’s know about this

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grated ginger

You must have often seen housewives in tea taps and houses that they put ginger in tea after grinding it. However, this method is not correct because while crushing ginger in it, most of its juice remains in the utensil or small mortar and it does not add much taste to the tea.

best to grate

To enhance the taste of tea, grated ginger should be added. Due to this, the ginger juice goes directly into the tea and the tea becomes tasty and bitter. Adding grated ginger not only enhances the taste of tea but also changes its color.

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