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Janmashtami 2022: Laddu Gopal not only likes Makhan but also Coriander Panjiri
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Janmashtami 2022: Laddu Gopal not only likes Makhan but also Coriander Panjiri

Janmashtami 2022 Prasad Recipe: Janmashtami 2022, a festival celebrated across the country, will be celebrated this time on 18 August. Earlier, to please Lord Krishna, we told you the method of making butter to be offered to him. Today we will tell you about another indulgence of his beloved. Apart from Makhan Misri, Lord Shri Krishna also likes Coriander Panjiri. Yes. It is very easy to make, but it is also very good for health. Let us know the recipe of Dhaniya Panjiri Recipe, which is prepared in a very short time.

Ingredients needed to make Coriander Panjiri
one cup coriander powder
three tablespoons cow’s ghee
cup chopped makhana
cup powdered sugar
cup grated coconut
cup small bowl chopped dry fruits
one tablespoon chironji seeds
4 magaz melon seeds, peeled

How to make Coriander Panjiri
To make Dhaniya Panjiri, the favorite bhog of Lord Shri Krishna, first heat two tablespoons of desi ghee in a vessel. When the ghee becomes hot, add coriander powder and fry for 5 minutes. When it boils, take it out in a vessel. Now heat ghee in the same vessel and fry the makhana. Now take out the makhana and add ghee to it, add dry fruit, chironji, magaj, sugar, coconut powder, coriander powder and makhana and fry it and mix it well. Now check the panjiri once that all the things are fried well, then take it out in a clean plate to cool down and turn off the gas. Take ready-made laddu gopal’s bhog.

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