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Kiara-Vicky Kaushal came as RJs in Bigg Boss house, know- 76th day update
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Kiara-Vicky Kaushal came as RJs in Bigg Boss house, know- 76th day update

Bigg Boss 16 Day 76 Written Updates: The December 16 episode of Bigg Boss was named Friday’s War. At the beginning of the show, Archana talks to Soundarya that another group has formed in the house. Of Tina, Shaleen, Vikas, Priyanka and Ankit. While Tina and Shaleen talk about Priyanka, Soundarya and Archana’s fight. When Shaleen says something about this, Vikas interrupts him and says that whatever he thinks is wrong.

Kiara and Vicky entered the house as RJs

In the house, Vicky Kaushal and Kiara Advani talk to the family members as RJs. Vicky Kaushal says that today we want to entertain everyone by coming to your house. After this, Kiara teases Shaleen with the buzzer and also plays a song for her that ‘Main Hoon Woh Zero…’ all the family members have a lot of fun. After this Vicky Kaushal talks to Stan and says that we like your style of speaking very much. Kiara says that when Vikas comes late, I call him a shame. After this, Vicky and Kiara question and answer the family members as well as dedicate the song. After this, Vicky and Kiara also go inside the house and while promoting their film ‘Govinda Naam Mera’, teach the housemates the hook step on the Bigg Boss anthem.

Kiara-Vicky made Salman dance
Kiara and Vicky dance fiercely on the stage with Salman Khan on the power song of their film ‘Govinda Naam Mera’. After this, Vicky and Kiara also talk about the family members. After this, he plays songs by becoming a radio jockey and asks Salman Khan to dedicate him to his favorite. After this, Kiara also teaches Salman’s dance steps by playing his songs.

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Vikas imitated Archana’s voice
After this, Salman Khan enters the house and the class of the family members starts. Salman Khan first makes Vikas imitate Archana’s voice and laughs a lot. After this, Salman Khan takes Sajid’s class. Salman Khan asks questions to Sajid and Sajid answers.

Rohit Shetty-Ranveer Singh made the family members task
After this, Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh come on the stage of Big Boss for the promotion of their film Circus. He talks to the family members from the stage. After this, Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty get a task done by the family members. In the task, the family members will have to put his picture on the board, describing it as the sharpest member of the house, giving the reason. Nimrit describes Archana as a sharp member. On the other hand, Archana calls Soundarya a hot member, while Soundarya also calls Archana a hot member and says that she can put chili in any issue. On the other hand, Shiv calls Priyanka a hot member. At the same time, Rohit Shetty says that I am taking Shiv and Archana to Khatron Ke Khiladi, from where the registration takes place.

Priyanka calls Archana a hot member
At the same time, Priyanka calls Archana a sharp member and says that she speaks very dirty. Ankit also calls Archana a hot member and says that she herself goes to sleep after instigating a fight between two people. Sajid also describes Archana as pungent and says that even pungent has taste. It is someone’s life for 5 minutes but after 5 minutes it can also take someone’s life. On the other hand, Tina also calls Archana sharp and says that her tongue is very sharp. On the other hand, Sumbul calls Priyanka hot while Shaleen calls Tina hot. Abdu describes development as sharp. Stan calls Priyanka hot. Vikas also calls Archana sharp and calls her rude. After this Rohit Shetty says that Archana is the winner of this task and Vikas will give the winning speech in her voice. The housemates laugh a lot when Vikas mimics Archana. After this Rohit Shetty says goodbye for today on behalf of me and Ranveer, we will come back tomorrow.

With this, the 76th day of Big Boss ends. Tomorrow, the circus team will bring a full dose of entertainment in Bigg Boss house, as well as Abdu’s journey in Bigg Boss house will end.

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