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Know today why hiccups come untimely, is it not a sign of any disease?
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Know today why hiccups come untimely, is it not a sign of any disease?

Causes of Hiccups: Often whenever we have hiccups, we think that someone is missing us. Sometimes hiccups start coming to us in public places, so we often try to stop it by drinking water. Actually there are many reasons behind hiccups. Sometimes this food comes due to getting stuck in the throat and sometimes it also comes due to eating too spicy food. To stop this, people drink water, some start counting the countdown, and some start taking the names of friends who are remembering them. But no one tries to know the real reason of this problem. Let us tell you the reason behind hiccups through the news.

Why do hiccups happen?

Hiccups are a process of our body. According to scientists, hiccups are directly related to breath. If there is disturbance and excessive movement in our digestion or respiratory system, then hiccups start. Hiccups occur due to contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm and ribs located between the stomach and the lungs. Normally when you inhale the diaphragm pulls it down and when you exhale it returns to the resting position. Due to the contraction of the diaphragm, the lungs start drawing air rapidly, due to which the person starts having hiccups. The reason for hiccups is also related to the stomach. If you eat too much food, then the stomach becomes very swollen, then it also causes hiccups.

Some more common reasons for hiccups

eating too much or too quickly

feeling nervous or excited

excessive consumption of carbonated drinks or alcohol

being stressed

sudden change in temperature

swallowing air while sucking on candy or chewing gum

These reasons can also cause hiccups

Although hiccups are very common, but if they do not go away for a long time, then they can also be the cause of major problems.

1. Nerve Damage

Long-term hiccups can be a message of damage to the vagus veins and phrenic veins. Due to the damage of these nerves, you can also face many problems.

2. Central nervous system disorder

Hiccups occur when your immune system damages the central nervous system due to a tumor or infection.

3. Metabolic disorder

There can be many reasons for prolonged hiccups such as excessive drinking, sugar, kidney disease.

How can hiccups be stopped?

You can drink cold water to stop hiccups. Cold water calms the irritation of the diaphragm. Apart from this, you can also hold your breath for a while to stop the hiccups.

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