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Know what is cold wave, which can be dangerous if not taken seriously
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Know what is cold wave, which can be dangerous if not taken seriously

Winter Cold Wave: Entire North India including Delhi is in the grip of severe cold. Till now many people have lost their lives due to cold wave. A red alert has been issued by the Meteorological Department. This means the risk of cold wave has increased. In such a situation, it is important to take care of yourself. To avoid cold wave, attention should be paid to all kinds of measures. But before that it should also be known that what is this cold wave, how it comes, what are its disadvantages. When was the last time its outbreak was highest? Let’s know..

what is cold wave

In the winter season when cold winds start blowing fast. The temperature starts dropping rapidly. Then this situation is called cold wave. In simple words, when the minimum temperature drops from 10 degree Celsius to 4-5 degree below during the winter season, it is called Sheetlahar.

why is cold wave dangerous

When the temperature of a place reaches around 2-3 degree Celsius, it is called severe cold wave. In such a situation, the body can be harmed in many ways. Due to severe cold, life can also be lost. Sheetlahar is measured according to temperature and duration. The cold wave which lasts for a long time and there is a huge drop in temperature is considered more dangerous. Right now the temperature in Delhi has gone up to 1.5 degrees. In the last year 2021 also, the temperature in Delhi was recorded up to 1.1 degrees. During this, there is a bad effect on the immune system of the people’s body and there can be loss of life and property as well.

cold wave damage

The immune system starts to weaken.

The risk of attack increases in winter.

Cold wave is fatal. Many deaths also happen.

Many types of diseases start increasing.

Crops start getting ruined.

Why does cold wave come

When the temperature reaches below 4°C

The sky should be clear, but due to lack of heat, there should be a rapid drop in temperature.

The winds of the coming Western Disturbance of the Middle East Sea also bring cold waves.

El Nino occurring in the Pacific Ocean also brings down the temperature and increases the cold wave.

cold wave affected areas

The worst effect of the cold wave falls on the states present in the plains of North India. These include Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh etc.

When was the last time it was extremely cold

So far, January 8, 2006 has been recorded as the coldest day in Delhi in the last 20 years. On this day the temperature here had reached 0.2 degree. This is still a record. During that time the people of Delhi had to face many problems.

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