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Know which are the five features that can be seen on WhatsApp in 2023
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Know which are the five features that can be seen on WhatsApp in 2023

WhatsApp Messenger: The number of users of instant messenger app WhatsApp is very high in India. WhatsApp is very slow in terms of updates compared to its competitors. While Telegram keeps updating almost every month with something new for its users. The year is about to end, but still some important features have not been seen on WhatsApp. May be this feature can be seen on WhatsApp next year.

Schedule Message

Now WhatsApp gives its users the option of auto message deletion, but there is no option for message scheduling yet. While the message scheduling option is very important for such people, who also use WhatsApp for their work and want to send notifications to their employees early in the morning without interfering in anyone’s privacy at night if needed.

Edit Message

Now WhatsApp allows its users to auto delete and delete sent messages as well, as Apple has recently rolled out a new feature. In which the iPhone gives the option to edit the message sent by the user. After sending a wrong message on WhatsApp, you have to delete it, correct it and send it again.

Unsend Message

Now there is only the option of deleting a wrongly sent message on WhatsApp. However, after the message is deleted, the level of deletion remains attached. While giving this option for WhatsApp is not very difficult. Because this option is already available on Instagram, which is a platform owned by Facebook.

Venice Mode

Like WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Messenger, another great feature can be made available to its users. This feature gives users the option of creating a temporary chat thread, which automatically gets deleted as soon as the chat ends. This option can prove to be very helpful for such people. Those who share very sensitive information with anyone.

Call Recording

Many WhatsApp users must be waiting for this feature to come on WhatsApp. Of course this option can be misused. But like the last seen and online feature, WhatsApp can also provide the option to turn on or off call recording while challenging its rivals.

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