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Know why eating packaged food does not reduce your weight, what is the reason?
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Know why eating packaged food does not reduce your weight, what is the reason?

Why Packaged Food Increases Weight: The belief for ‘ready to eat food’ or packaged food found in the market is that they are not healthy and if you are health conscious then you should avoid this food. But what about such packets and drinks which not only promote themselves by labeling themselves as healthy but also sell in the market indiscriminately. How does this type of food harm the body and why even after eating these healthy items, the weight does not reduce. Let’s know.

Why has their demand increased?

Before the damage caused by packaged food, let us know why they sell so much. In fact, in the changing lifestyle, people have lack of time and fill their stomachs. In such a situation, they choose these packaged foods found in the market and called so-called healthy. Sometimes because of the compulsion of the office, sometimes because of the increase in screen time, sometimes children choose them in the hobby. Also they are easily available.

Why don’t they lose weight

No matter how healthy the packaged food found in the market may claim to be healthy, it always contains preservatives. There is no nutrition in them and they are full of carbs, sugar and salt. In these, excessive amounts of flavors are added which reduce your immunity and increase bad cholesterol.

Always Check Ingredients

No matter how healthy these products promote themselves by calling themselves, but before buying them, do check the list of ingredients given at the back. Check out how many healthy items these products claiming to be healthy are actually giving you. How many calories, how many sugars, flour, added colors and flavors, milk powder, palm oil are in these. For example, if you pick up a packet of oats noodles and check the ingredients, then oats will be only in name and the rest will be all-purpose flour.

eat home cooked food

If you really want to lose weight, then the best way is to eat homemade food. No matter how many colorful packets are available in the market, packaged food claiming to be healthy and tasteful, but they are not really healthy. There is definitely some kind of adulteration in them, due to which their shelf life increases, that is, they do not spoil. They contain a lot of sugar, salt and fat, which invites many diseases by increasing your weight.

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