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Ladle is coughing again and again, has the virus weakened the lungs somewhere?  read this report
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Ladle is coughing again and again, has the virus weakened the lungs somewhere? read this report

Covid: Corona wreaked havoc in the country. In every house people came under the grip of this virus. Masks were not removed from people’s mouths for 2 years. People were hesitant to even meet. The Delta variant was the worst in the country. This virus killed thousands of people in the country. Even today, a large number of elderly and adults are moaning due to this virus. His lung capacity has even decreased. People get breathless in climbing the ladder. Even if you start walking with fast steps, your breath does not support you. But in what has come out so far, it has been told that the elderly, young people all came in the grip of the virus but the virus did not touch the children.

This truth came out in the study
An online study was done regarding the corona effect on children. This study took place on 20 September 2022. It was published in Radiology, A General of the Radiological Society of North America. The report revealed that the longer the virus remained, the more likely that children Omicron and would have been hit by the Delta virus. They may have suffered more or less damage, but there was also a possibility that the children’s lungs were damaged or their lungs started working less.

Lung examination also done
Researchers did research on young children and children up to 11 years old. 54 children were included in these. All the children’s lungs were examined with low field MRI. The investigation revealed that 29 children had fully recovered, while 25 children were victims of Long Kovid. Many of these children had less and more corona symptoms.

Children are getting more cough and cold
winter is coming. In such a situation, cases of cough, cold and fever have increased rapidly in children. Dr. Pankaj said that before corona, very few cases of cough, cold, fever came in children. On giving medicine, they used to get cured in a few days, but this time the symptoms are there in children. He is of a bit serious nature. Children are not able to get better from cough, cold with common medicines. Chances are it may have made the baby cry.

What to do next?
Corona did a deadly attack on the lungs. This reduced the working capacity of the lungs very rapidly. Because of this people felt difficulty in breathing. Children are also suffering from cough and cold at this time. Doctors say that if the child is having frequent cough or cold or is having difficulty in breathing, then immediately go to the pediatrician. Try to strengthen the immune system of the child. Give him such medicine after consulting a doctor so that the child’s immune system is strong. The child may be given pneumococcal vaccine. Do not treat your child on your own without a doctor’s advice.

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