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Make Guava's Tasty Halwa at home this winter, after eating it once you will make it again and again

Make Guava’s Tasty Halwa at home this winter, after eating it once you will make it again and again

Guava Halwa Recipe: Winter season is going on. In this season, if someone asks you to eat hot halwa, your mouth starts watering. Carrot halwa, semolina or flour is made in everyone’s house. If you have also eaten this halwa till now, then try Guava’s tasty halwa this winter. Yes, guava is useful not only for eating but also in making your sweet dishes. Everyone eats Gajar Ka Halwa, but try something new in this cold season.

Make tasty guava pudding at home this winter

You don’t even need to work hard to make tasty guava halwa. The method of making it is also very easy. Four guavas, one cup of sugar, one teaspoon of cardamom, one inch piece of beetroot, one fourth cup of ghee, finely chopped cashews and almonds, half a liter of milk will be required to make the halwa. Keep in mind that you have to take these ingredients according to the quantity you want to make halwa.

You will make Halwa again and again after eating it once.

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Mava is required to make most any halwa. So, while making guava halwa, first put milk on the gas, then keep stirring this milk while boiling, the milk has to be stirred until its mawa is ready. After extracting the mawa, cut the guava into two parts and keep it in a pressure cooker to boil. When guava boils, after that prepare guava paste. Then take out its seeds separately. Now separately fry cashews and almonds also lightly. When it gets fried, put guava paste in it and cook it on a low flame. Now add mawa and sugar to it and mix it well. After cooking it for a while, add cardamom to it. Your tasty guava halwa is ready.

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