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Make hair naturally black with curry leaves, hair mask will be healthy and shiny
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Make hair naturally black with curry leaves, hair mask will be healthy and shiny

Hair Care Tips: All of you are well acquainted with curry leaves. Curry leaves are one such spice, which makes your vegetable tasty and fragrant. But you will be surprised to know that curry leaves are not only useful in making the vegetable tasty, but it is also very beneficial for your hair. Actually, curry leaves have abundant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Along with this, curry leaves are also rich in B vitamins, which work to produce melanin in the hair follicles. This makes the hair black and the problem of white hair goes away. So it can have some effect. So let’s know about the benefits of curry leaves for hair and the method of making curry leaf hair mask-

hair benefits of curry leaves

Curry leaves also protect the hair from turning white. Actually, curry leaves work to produce melanin. Hair turns white due to lack of melanin. In such a situation, by applying a hair mask made of curry leaves on the hair, the problem of graying of hair goes away. Along with this, the hair also becomes soft and healthy.

How to make Curry Leaf Hair Mask

  • In a pan on the gas, heat 2 tbsp coconut oil.
  • Now add 10-12 curry leaves to it and cook for 3-4 minutes. Then turn off the gas.
  • Now keep it aside to cool down for 20 minutes and your curry leaf hair mask is ready.

How to apply curry leaf hair mask

To apply curry leaf mask on the hair, apply it on the entire hair with both hands. First massage the hair roots with this mask and then apply it well on the entire hair. After about an hour wash the hair thoroughly. You will see that your hair has become very soft and shiny.

Hair mask can also be made with curry leaves and curd

You can also make a hair mask of curry leaves and curd. This mask also helps in removing dandruff. For this, mix 3-4 curry leaves in a bowl of curd until it becomes a paste. Then apply it well on the hair. This will benefit your hair a lot.

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