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Mood swings are happening again and again in winter, so treat them with light therapy
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Mood swings are happening again and again in winter, so treat them with light therapy

Light Therapy For “SAD”: Our mood changes with the changing season and this is what we call Seasonal Affective Disorder. Although it can happen in any season, but it is mostly experienced in winters. A person’s mood starts changing from November-December, as the weather changes, it affects the mood of the people. It bothers many people so much that they don’t feel like going to office, don’t feel like doing any household work, everything seems bad around us and sometimes we don’t even realize that the mood is bad. What is the reason for it badly affects the daily life.

What is the connection between sunlight and mood swings?

It also happens many times in this season that people get depressed even when they do not get what they think, this happens because in winter we do not get exposed to sunlight. According to the doctor expert, biologically There is a connection with depression and sunlight. In winter, both the duration and intensity of sunlight decreases. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in our brain that regulates our mood, it needs a lot of sunlight exposure. It is known through the retina of the eyes that how much sunlight it has received, in such a situation, when the exposure to sunlight is less in winter, the brain does not understand from where to produce serotonin. This has a direct effect on our mood. Because of this, we do not sleep, we feel hungry unnecessarily, we feel like eating junk food, we gain weight and we become unnecessarily sad, then there is no heart to do any work. It seems neither we can think of anything good.

Light therapy can cure seasonal affective disorder

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  • According to the information, a dose of light can be given to the brain through the light box. This is called light therapy. You can buy it in the market or online. To take light therapy, keep in mind that the light intensity of the box should be above 10,000 lux. Can be used in consultation with wellness center
  • Light therapy can help treat seasonal depression. For this you have to take a session of light therapy for about 30 minutes. In this you have to sit in front of a light box
  • If mood swings are more then sit in front of it twice a day. One hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. This will give a kick to your brain and fill the gap which was not getting light from the sun. This will release serotonin and your mood will also change, you will feel good throughout the day.

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