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Network troubles in mobile, so these important tips are the solution
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Network troubles in mobile, so these important tips are the solution

Enable WiFi Calling: Occasional network drop is common, but frequent or always network problem is a big problem. Now, when there is more than one mobile from house to house. In such a situation, if you have to yearn or struggle for the network at some place, then it is bound to be irritable. When a message or OTP is about to come from above, then the mobile has to be wandered around by lifting it in hand. If you have a Wi-Fi connection available, you don’t need a strong cellular network for phone calls. You can take advantage of the call message facility by using the Wi-Fi calling feature. For this, different settings are required in different mobiles.

The steps to turn on Wi-Fi calling in Android phones may vary depending on the smartphone.

For Google Pixel Users

  • First of all go to the Settings app of the phone.
  • Now here click on Network and Internet and go to Calls and SMS.
  • Now open the Wi-Fi calling option here.
  • After this, turn on the toggle of Use Wi-Fi Calling.

For OnePlus users

  • First of all, you have to click on the setting of the mobile, then on the network and then on the SIM.
  • Now look for Wi-Fi calling option and open it.
  • Now enable the option of Wi-Fi calling.

In this, you can also set the option between Wi-Fi calling and cellular calling.

For Samsung Mobiles and other Android Smartphones

  • First of all open the Settings app of your mobile.
  • Here the option of Wi-Fi calling will appear.
  • Now go to Wi-Fi calling option and turn it on.

Now when the Wi-Fi network is connected to your mobile, then on the call screen you will see Wi-Fi calling written.

for iphone users

  • To turn on Wi-Fi calling in iPhone, you have to go to Settings> Phone>.
  • After that you click on Wi-Fi Calling.
  • After this, turn on the Wi-Fi calling toggle.

When Wi-Fi calling service is available, you’ll see a Wi-Fi icon next to the carrier’s name in your iPhone’s status bar.

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