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No medicine for runny nose, these home remedies will give relief
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No medicine for runny nose, these home remedies will give relief

Home Remedies For Running Nose: As much as viral infection bothers in winter, the same problem also causes runny nose. This problem is especially common in children. The temperature has not decreased even a bit that his nose starts running. Along with it cold and cough also grips. Apart from children, runny nose also bothers the elders a lot. In such a situation, it seems that one can get relief soon. For whose sake the rush to the doctor starts in a hurry. But instead of panicking in such a situation, do try some home remedies. These are the remedies that can easily give you relief from runny nose.

Honey and Ginger

Honey and ginger is a very old recipe. Which is also called checked and tested. Grate ginger and take its juice in a spoon. Mix some honey in it. Keep eating this mixture after a while. You or the child will get relief.

warm mustard oil

Heat mustard oil. Put garlic bud and cumin seeds in it. Massage the chest, back and head with this oil. Mustard oil also gives warmth.

Many people also put mustard oil in the nose. But try this remedy only if you do not have any allergy or problem with it.


Crush nutmeg or make powder and mix it in milk. Boil the milk well. Drink this milk for a few days. You will get easy relief from seasonal troubles.

Tulsi tea

Tulsi tea is also used to maintain body heat and stop runny nose. You put basil in tea and boil it well. Drink this tea little hot. The accumulated cold will also be cured by this.

take steam

Whether it is runny nose or phlegm, taking steam is very beneficial in both the problems. It cleans the entire nozzle track. Take steam before sleeping at night. After this, apply mustard oil on the chest and go to sleep. You will get relief in a few days.

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