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Now the fun of online meeting will be doubled, these amazing features came on Zoom app, the fun of school children
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Now the fun of online meeting will be doubled, these amazing features came on Zoom app, the fun of school children

Zoom: The global pandemic Corona has taught and understood us a lot. We saw everything in the last 2 to 3 years which was never seen before. Just as there was a lot of mention of masks during Corona, in the same way, the Zoom application has been used a lot in the field of tech. Be it children’s education, giving a new project to the employees, urgent high-level meeting with the government or anything else, everything was done through the Zoom application. Actually, Zoom offers video communication service through which people can connect with each other. Seeing the zoom app, many new apps have also come in the market within the last 1 year. Meanwhile, the good news is that on the occasion of New Year, Zoom has added 4 new features to its application, due to which the meeting experience is going to be better. Actually, till now if a meeting used to go on for a long time, then the users present in the meeting used to get bored because they had to listen only to the person in front. But now Zoom has added many new features on the app so that users can make the meeting exciting. Know about these features

These features will change the meeting experience on zoom


The funniest feature that Zoom has added to the app is the Human Avatar. Means now users will be able to put cartoon version of themselves as profile picture in the meeting. To make the meeting fun, the company has also added many filters on the app. You can customize the avatar according to you. Currently, this feature is available on the beta version of Zoom, which will be rolled out to everyone soon. This feature is especially good for those people who keep doing something or the other during the meeting. Like eating and drinking, talking to others etc.

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meeting template

Zoom has added a feature called Meeting Templates for users on the app, in which they can choose settings for different meetings. You can also create a custom meeting template according to your own needs. Some default meeting templates are also given in it, once selected, the setting for the meeting is done automatically. It will be beneficial that you will not have to spend much time on the setting for the meeting and you will be able to rehearse the main project properly.

threaded messages and reactions

Threaded message and reaction features have been added to the app to improve the user experience. With this feature, people can easily reply to any message. That is, you can reply to each message by tapping on the same message. This feature will be rolled out by the end of this month.

Q&A facility will be available

This feature is given in Zoom One Business, Zoom One Business Plus, Zoom One Enterprise and Zoom One Enterprise Plus accounts. Under this feature, the meeting host and co-host will get the facility to view, answer or dismiss the question asked by the client or participant. Along with this, they can also decide which questions are to be kept in front of everyone and which are not.

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