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Now this work will be done easily on WhatsApp without headache, an amazing feature is coming...
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Now this work will be done easily on WhatsApp without headache, an amazing feature is coming…

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is used by millions of people worldwide. Last year, Meta made many important and major changes in this app, which increased the security of the app and the reliability of the people on this app. Over time, Meta is making many major changes in WhatsApp to improve the user experience. Like last year, this year too Meta is going to make some big changes in WhatsApp. WhatsApp is making it easier for Android users to transfer data in the new year. For this, a new feature will soon be rolled out in WhatsApp.

Last year, WhatsApp rolled out a feature under which users can move their WhatsApp data from Android to iOS. But now the news is out that WhatsApp is also working on a new feature for Android users, which will help Android users to transfer data without Google Drive. At present, this feature is in the development stage, which will be rolled out in the coming time. According to a report by WABetaInfo, a platform that monitors the development of WhatsApp, the chat transfer feature will help people transfer data from Android smartphone to another Android smartphone. Keep in mind, you won’t need Google Drive for this.

This is how the chat transfer feature will work
At present, if you switch from one smartphone to another Android smartphone, then in this case, to get your WhatsApp data on the new smartphone, you will have to transfer the old smartphone first. But the data has to be backed up on Google Drive and then the chat backup has to be obtained by logging into the Google account on the new smartphone. Once the new ‘chat transfer feature’ is launched, you will no longer need Google Drive. Means you will be able to transfer your data to another smartphone directly by going to  ‘Chat Transfer Feature’. For this you will get an option inside the setting from where you will be able to do this work directly.  

This feature will reduce headache
This update is going to be very useful and will reduce the headache of people. Actually, many times it is seen that while backing up chats on Google Drive, the data is not backed up properly or stops due to slow internet. In such a situation, the necessary details of the people are not available on the new smartphone.  But after the introduction of this new feature, data will be easily transferred from one device to another in less time. 

Apart from this, WhatsApp is also working on many more features which will be rolled out this year. In this, one feature is to save the disappearing message. Means such messages which are automatically deleted will also be saved after the introduction of the new feature. This feature will be rolled out under the name of Capt Message. 

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