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Red, green and yellow, know which apple the body gets by eating
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Red, green and yellow, know which apple the body gets by eating

Difference Between Red, Yellow And Green Apple: Apple is one of the most liked fruits. People of all ages consume this fruit and it is one of the few fruits that children do not have to persuade a lot to eat and they happily eat it. Although most people prefer to eat only red colored apples, but yellow and green colored apples are also very beneficial in terms of health. Here it has been told about what benefits the consumption of which of these three colors brings to the body.

Most of the focus is on this quality

Each fruit has more than one quality and they also benefit the body in many ways. There are also about 7500 species of apple and they have many similar properties and many properties different from each other. But here we are talking only about the main properties of apple, due to which the body gets many other benefits…

red apple
Antioxidants are found in the highest amount in red colored apples. That is, out of all the types of apples that come, the most antioxidants are found in red colored apples. This is the reason why this apple is considered a food to stay young or an antiaging fruit.

yellow apple
Yellow peeled apples are rich in carotenoids, potassium, iron and zinc. They are also called golden apples. By consuming them, the shine of your skin, hair and nails increases. If you include them in your daily diet, then they will work as a beauty tonic for you.

green apple
An element called quercetin is found in very good amounts in green apples. For this reason this apple is considered very good for mental health. However, yellow apple is also very beneficial for mental health. People who are prone to Alzheimer’s or who have got Alzheimer’s should consume green apples regularly.

When and how should you eat apples?

  • Apple should never be eaten as your first meal. That is, whenever you start your day, your first food should never be an apple. Because usually eating apples on an empty stomach can cause stomach irritation, acidity and discomfort.
  • If apple is eaten with black salt, then both its taste and quality increase.
  • Apple seeds should not be consumed. These can cause problems like vomiting, stomachache. Also, consuming them in excess can make the condition serious.
  • To benefit health, always consume apples alone. Eat apple alone instead of eating it mixed with raita, ice cream, snacks or fruit chaat.
  • This is because the more types of things you eat together, the more enzymes the liver has to produce to digest them. Due to this, there is pressure on the liver and all the things eaten do not get the complete sattva.

benefits of eating apples

  • Eating one or two apples every day strengthens the immune system.
  • The effect of age on the body does not dominate and you look young.
  • eating apple strengthens bones
  • Prevents problems like asthma
  • Prevents mental diseases like Alzheimer’s, Anxiety.
  • Eating apple everyday improves memory.
  • Regular consumption of apples makes the liver healthy.
  • Diabetes problem is controlled
  • Increasing obesity and weight can be controlled.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or concerned expert.

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