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Rishi Panchami 2022: When is Rishi Panchami?  Know Date, Time, Pooja Material and Panchami Vrat Katha
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Rishi Panchami 2022: When is Rishi Panchami? Know Date, Time, Pooja Material and Panchami Vrat Katha

Rishi Panchami 2022 Date: Rishi Panchami has been considered of special importance in Hinduism. It is believed that by worshiping the seven sages on this day, happiness and peace reside in life. There is also a tradition of fasting on this day. By observing fast on this day all the wishes are fulfilled.

Rishi Panchami is on 1st September 2022
According to the Panchang, the day of Thursday, September 1, is very good for worship and religious works. On this day the fast of Rishi Panchami will be kept.

Significance of Rishi Panchami
This fast is said to be Atal Saubhagyavati for women. It is believed that by observing this fast, one gets rid of menstruating defects. It is also believed that if women bathe in the Ganges during Rishi Panchami fast, its results increase manifold. It is considered auspicious to chant these mantras on Rishi Panchami-
Kashyapotrirbhardwajo Vishwamitroya Gautama:.
Jamadagnivasishtashcha saptaite rishayah smrita.
Always in Grihnantvardhya Maya Dattam Tushta Bhavat.

sage panchami pooja material
On this day, make Sapta Rishi and anoint it with milk, curd, ghee, honey and water. Worship with roli, rice, incense, lamp etc. After this, after listening to the story, do home with ghee.

Rishi Panchami Katha
According to a story in Bhavishya Purana, a Brahmin named Uttak lived with his wife Sushila. He had a son and daughter. Both were marriageable. The daughter was married off by the Uttak Brahmin to a suitable groom, but after a few days her husband died prematurely. After this his daughter returned to her maternal home. One day the widowed daughter was sleeping alone, when her mother saw that insects were growing on the daughter’s body. Seeing such condition of his daughter, Uttak’s wife got upset. She brought her daughter to her husband Uttak and, showing the condition of the daughter, said, ‘How did my Sadhvi daughter get this speed’? Then the Uttak Brahmin, after meditating, saw that in his previous birth his daughter was the daughter of a Brahmin, but she made a mistake during Ravsavala. Rishi Panchami did not even fast. Because of this he has suffered this pain. Then, according to the father’s instructions, the daughter observed Panchami in this birth to get rid of these sufferings. By observing this fast, Uttak’s daughter got the best of luck.

Rishi Panchami Puja Muhurta
According to the Panchang, the auspicious time of worship of Rishi Panchami is from 11.05 am to 1:37 pm on 1st September.

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