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'Salute to your courage...' - Seeing Sushmita Sen in her own character, transgender Gauri Sawant said

‘Salute to your courage…’ – Seeing Sushmita Sen in her own character, transgender Gauri Sawant said

Transgender Gauri Sawant On Sushmita Sen Taali Role: Sushmita Sen’s name is one of the famous and big actresses of Bollywood. She is an actress who is known for her beauty and her best acting. She plays each of her characters on screen with seriousness. Recently, the poster of her new film ‘Taali’ has surfaced, in which she is playing the role of transgender Gauri Sawant. Meanwhile, now Gauri Sawant has also spoken on this.

Sushmita Sen looked very strong

On 6 October, Sushmita Sen herself shared the poster of the film ‘Tali’ on social media, in which she was seen in the look of Gauri Sawant. Sushmita Sen looked very strong in the role of Gauri Sawant with a green sari and a big captive on her forehead. At the same time, his fans liked this look very much. Now Gauri Sawant’s reaction has also come to the fore on this.

Gauri Sawant said these things

Gauri Sawant has shared a picture on Instagram, in which she is seen with Sushmita Sen and ‘Tali’ producer Afifa Nadiadwala. Sharing this photo, Gauri wrote in the caption, “We are basically women. And now you are going to play my character in it, it is a big coincidence. It is a matter of great honor for my society, salute to your courage.

Sushmita Sen also spoke on this post of Gauri. In the comment section, he wrote, “You are a real power Gauri. Thank you for being a strong example of inclusion, let’s do that. My love and respect to you and your community.”

It is worth noting that Gauri Sawant is such a transgender who has worked for her community to get people their due. She is also the founder of ‘Sakhi Char Chowghi Trust’. This organization of his works to promote safe sex along with the problems of transgenders.

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